I'm ill today. Good reason to go blogging for some time :) I went to school this morning for only 30 minutes. I felt so sick I doubted to go home by bycicle. But, I made it home and after a few hours sleep I feel better now.

First, I couldn't sleep because of the pain. At that time I was just looking around and just trying to think about random things. Then I saw my little teddy. I was wondering if I'm the only one still seeing this cuddle-bear as a sort of dear 'friend' of mine. Even though he's a bit old and worn out, he's still soft and cute :3

His name is 'beertje' ('little bear'), very creative :P I still like him, and he sleeps in my bed since I was 4 or so :) All of his fur became flat and his limbs are not as secure as they used to be. His nose and eyes are scratched.

And he used to have a sort of label on his bottom. I saw that as a tool for thumb sucking ;) Later I didn't want to suck my thumb anymore, so I cut it off. Unfortunate, 'cause maybe I would have known now where he's bought, and where he comes from!

Do you have a (old) teddy-bear? Good memories? :)

x Julia

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